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GSS Surveying and Mapping Surveyor using Land Mapping Technology



Surveying and Mapping Since 2002

Welcome to GSS Surveying and Mapping, LLC, your best resource for land surveying and construction services. Challenge us to be your primary mapping resource. Our goal is to provide you with the latest information on current technologies and trends.


Construction Surveys

Our Construction Surveys are completed using the latest field equipment available. We use a combination of Theodolites, Total Stations, Levels, and other precision surveying equipment to deliver exact measurements. We know the importance of accurate and reliable measurements and understand the risk of improper calculations. That's why GSS is regarded as one of the top surveying companies in the area with over 30 years of experience. If you're a contractor, project manager, or land developer in need of surveying and mapping for your next construction project, contact GSS today.

Boundary, Topo & Flood Certificates

GSS Surveying & Mapping Boundary Surveys

 One of the most common surveys we offer is our boundary surveys. These surveys are primarily used to help determine the property's value and the extent of property ownership, or boundary lines. Every landowner should be aware of their property lines a well as easements, structures, and any relevant features located on the property as it relates to the boundary lines.


At GSS Surveying and Mapping we have years of experience helping clients with many types of boundary survey issues ranging from residential property line disputes to commercial lot planning.  We also offer Topographical Surveys and Flood Certificates which are particularly important for any construction project in Florida. Contact us to see how these surveys can assist you in planning any construction project, property purchase, or boundary line determination.

GSS Surveying & Mapping Topographic Surveys
GSS Surveying & Mapping Renewable Energy Survey

Renewable Energy

GSS Surveying and Mapping specializes in a wide range of land surveying and mapping services. One of the fastest growing industries is renewable energy, increasing the need for solar and wind survey services. Our Renewable Energy Surveys can assist in a wide variety of applications to help build a foundation for your plan to build upon or improve your renewable energy resources and systems. We analyze multiple environmental factors and determine the relative impact of any objects near the project area to make it possible to achieve the greatest output for your renewable energy project.

GSS Surveying & Mapping Mortgage Surveys

Mortgage Surveys & Subdivision Plats

 Our mortgage surveys, commonly referred to as title surveys, are used by mortgage lenders and title companies as evidence of any increase or decrease in the value of a property based on the findings of the surveys. Many factors such as boundary lines, easements, and right-of-ways can all impact the boundary lines of your property and determine its potential value to any interested parties. We also work with developers and contractors to survey and map potential subdivisions or other larger plots. We offer the most accurate measurements by using the latest hardware and technology, delivering pinpoint precision. 

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